Searching for ‘Scam’, ‘Scheme’ or similar with one of these company names, will usually come up with websites describing the DS-Max Scheme: Cobra Group / Accpo Group / DS-Max / Cydor / Innovage / Granton marketing / The Smart Circle / Scentura Creations / The Landers Group / World Perfume Scheme / IPG Imports / Westco / Premier Books / Quantum / Aliron / Landers Group

You can also type in: multi level marketing scam / Larry Hahn Pyramid Scheme / Pyramid sales scheme / Door to Door scam / marketing pyramid scheme / Direct Sales to the maximum scam / cobra pyramid scheme / entry-level recruiting scam

References worth reading

Newspaper reports, blogs and other

Personal accounts

These are a small selection in no particular order.

Scam exposure/Complaints websites

Blog Posts

Forum Posts


Illegal pyramid schemes and Multi-Level marketing (MLM)

Other schemes

History of DS-Max

History of Scentura Creations

DS-Max Descendant Company Websites

Other References

12 thoughts on “References

  1. I need help finding out if this is a scam. it sure sounds like one. I’ve tried my best to find anything on this but nothing. they sent me an email stating job listing work from home. they need people to hire to save on tax by other companies they work with wire transferring money into your bank account you withdraw the money keep 25% and send the rest western union to a company they are partnered with. wtf right? here’s the company below- scam??
    Empire Group Of Company PENDLETON WAY SUITE 13 SALFORD, GREATER MANCHESTER M6 5FW, ENGLAND. Registered in England 3279001. VAT No. 245 7193 48.

    • Hi, SETTHEPACEANDRINGTHEBELL-I’m a reporter currently working on an investigation in Ireland. I couldn’t find contact details on your blog, so this is a long shot. Would you be interested in speaking with me?

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  3. GreenCapricorn says:

    Penmex,Blue Branch and Harper Robson (Merica Rose) also part of the Pyrimid in Scotland stay clear, saving gone,slave driven,mentally and physically draining plus against morals,nobody wants to steal from someone’s gran.

  4. mattois says:

    You can add Evolve World Wide Limited to the list. It’s UK firm…. I wasted 10 days of hard, hard work and a lot of money!

  5. Georgina says:


    I’m calling out to all that have been affected by this! I’m looking for stories and people to speak out openly about what has happened. If there are any previous owners of these companies and it has deeply, psychologically and financially damaged you- please come forward and share your story.

    If anyone else wants to team up with me to make this a true message to the people, then please don’t be hesitant to get in contact straight away.

    Please put at subject eg: Devilcorp, DS-Max, Cobra, Appco.

    Just so I can filter. Any help is appreciated! Hope you guys find your answers 🙂

  6. Dan Haley says:


    I have worked at a former ds max affiliated office for a few years now and am moving into a assistant managerial posisition. I understand there have been a lot of issues and wrong doings by certain companies going door to door. I however have not had bad experiences only good. In fact after two years I don’t think I would ever want to do anything else with my life. My boss actually split off from ds max with 17 offices to start on his own because he did not like the direction of the company. We as a company do not work with big clients only small local businesses. It makes it easier to make money and helps out a lot of local companies and charities by providing free advertising for them as being local businesses they cannot afford tv or radio ads. I know there are other companies such as mine. I have also met many people who have had a long career in sales that started in my company 17 years ago and have nothing but great things to say. In fact I met a regional manager for Allstate who got his start here. The real truth is door to door is not a bad method of selling and there are a lot of people who make a lot of money at it who are not crooks and for this blog to label to every one who does as bad is a shame. There are a lot of honest salesmen out there you should have a more open mind. You shouldn’t believe everything you see in wolf of Wall Street.

    Daniel J. Haley IV

    P.S I do not state the name of the organization I work for or the city I am from because I do not want my company listed next to granton marketing or cydcor (interesting though that you list granton as a scam since I have met 15 people who are millionaires now including my boss who got their start there. By the way did you know ds max used to pay out more six figure salaries than any other company in the world? Fact check that.)

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